Dr. Robert C Slater BA, MSc, DC, CME, DACO

Dr. Robert Slater DC’s Invitation To Excellent Health

Dr. Robert C Slater, as a doctor of chiropractic is a master healer who understands the art of creating wellness while scientifically managing acute or chronic spinal, arm or leg joint misalignments. For 36 years Dr. Slater has witnessed significantly improved function and reduction in pain through chiropractic manipulative therapy in patients injured in motor vehicle accidents, work related injuries or personal injury. These beneficial clinical results apply not only to the spine but to all joints of the arms and legs.

The most powerful yet most simple chiropractic technique for treatment of spinal injury and nerve roots, as well as the prevention of spinal degeneration is careful and gentle adjustments to spinal segments that are not moving fully within their normal ranges of motion. The immediate motivation to have chiropractic treatment in this case is to skillfully adjust the spine and or joint so that all ligament and tendon pressures of the spine protect the disc between each segment from high stress or frank injury.

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Such a poorly moving vertebra is said to be “subluxated’’ or simply locked up. A subluxated [locked in abnormal alignment] vertebral causes the following immediate spinal dysfunction: (1) increased para-spinal ligament tension, (2) inflammation of the intervertebral disc and (3) disruption of nerve impulses coming into the spine and going out from the same level as the abnormally moving spinal segment. For example, in addition to having mid-back pain, the stomach can’t produce adequate level of hydrochloric acid for the digestion of proteins with the 6th thoracic vertebra is “subluxated”.

Dr. Slater has kept abreast with the modernization and sophistication of spinal joint adjusting techniques. Not only does Dr. Slater hold a doctorate of chiropractic, but he is also nationally board certified as an orthopedic diplomate. Dr. Slater has further completed a Master’s degree in anatomy with special interests in all pelvic and lower back anatomy.