Dr. Robert C Slater BA, MSc, DC, CME, DACO

Life and vitality in all body tissues depends on fully energized spinal nervous system free from misalignment. Primary chiropractic health care integrates safe and gentle non-invasive techniques to bring normal alignment, balance and movement of all motion segments of the spinal column. Corrected alignment and balance encourages proper innervation of the body: from the brain, down the spine and out through spinal nerves into the body.

A visit to our all-natural clinic starts with a friendly greeting from our staff and a consultation with our chiropractor in St. Paul, MN -Dr. Robert C Slater DC DACO. Depending on your current health and whether you have any existing injuries or subluxations, we will prescribe a chiropractic care plan centered on correction, maintenance or prevention.

Our patients span all ages, and we are proud to offer chiropractic care to the entire family, from children to seniors. Dr. Slater DC DACO also provides $50 DOT Physicals for CDL holders as required by the Department of Transportation. Please contact us if you would like to schedule a DOT Examination at your home or office in Saint Paul or Eden Prairie. Our health recommendations may include medically necessary chiropractic visits, as well as complementary enhancement to positive lifestyle habits, such as nutritional support, postural advise, corrective stretching and exercises, correct sleep positions, dietary habits and stress management.

Find out why Dr. Slater DC DACO is one of the best chiropractors in Highland Park, Saint Paul, Minnesota.

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