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From the Desk of Robert C Slater BA, MSC, DC, CME

Symptoms of a stubborn parasitic infestation can get the best of you, so to speak. Abdominal soreness is an early warning symptom, when associated with others, can indicate the presence of an otherwise stubborn liver, pancreas or intestinal parasite infestation. This red flag indicator matches the picture of such an infestation by a feeling of unexplained yet persistence soreness above, to the side or below the umbilicus [belly button] or just below the right or left costal margins. Other tell-tale signs are itching affecting the anus or the vaginal area, paradoxical increased appetite and weight loss, vomiting to the point of dehydration and a general feeling of just being aching all over with general fatigue.

Parasites normally enter the body through the skin or mouth. Close contact with pets can lead to parasite infestation as dogs and cats are host to many parasites. Other risks that can lead people to acquire parasites are walking barefoot, inadequate disposal of feces, lack of hygiene, close contact with someone carrying specific parasites and eating undercooked or exotic foods.

Due to the eggs of intestinal parasites being a highly resistance biological structure, a multi-faceted approach is required to kill them. The nutritional protocol for eradication and elimination of deep seated intestinal parasites [or in any other organ system] is therefore to use an array of effective agents to ride the body of them.

A similar multi-item protocol is engaged by a medical doctor to treat an obstinate disease condition because one medicine or drug alone may not be specific or sensitive enough to get the job of healing completely well. As parasite have the ability to manipulate the immune response of their host (you and me), a multiple factor time released protocol is a most practical method to eradicate the problem. It is known that adult intestinal worms can live in the body for up to 5 years.

Because the adult parasites are always generating eggs [thousands at a time] at different rates it is necessary to repeat the ‘On’ fourteen day cycle for three to four periods of time. The core therapeutic supplements during an ‘On’ period include standardized micro-emulsions of oregano and a proprietary blends of a variety anti-parasitic herbal extracts.

Breaking up the progression of eggs to larvae and then killing the larvae to prevent a new cycle of infestation is the objective during an ‘On” cycle of treatment. Following each of these fourteen day ‘On’ cycles, a one week break or ‘Off’ period is recommended. Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum are utilized at this time to restore and replenish health gut flora.

Call Healing Hands at 651-699-3366 today for a chiropractic and nutritional examination for a stubborn parasitic infestation. This will clarify if the abdominal tenderness, itching, weight loss and fatigue you may be experiencing can be treated with spinal alignment adjustments and proper nutrition to get rid of this unwanted condition.