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Lung Wind Invasion

The Art and Science of Treating Pathological Change to the Lung Chi.
If You Are Experiencing cough or panting without force, low voice, frequent sweating and fatigue, Dr. Robert C. Slater DC at Healing Hands Wellness LLC Today on 952-217-9587 For Professional Acupuncture Assessment and Treatment of the Lung wind invasion.

Excess cold and or damp wind can assail the lung in simple everyday experiences, like staying out on the beach towel with a wet chest. Sitting for too long with the chest partially exposed on the veranda with a wind blowing past the house can also result in wind invasion of the lungs and body.

Wind damage to the lung meridian Chi may also occur indoors if a person remains wet across the torso in a room with air conditioner on. It is much easier than you might think to get a pathological wind-cold invasion into the chest.

Subsequently, in the next hour or so, perhaps a day, shallow breathing, shortage of breath and coughing that occur indicate a pathological wind-induced change to the lung Chi/meridian and organ tissue has taken place.

The lung tissue as an organ is regarded in Traditional Chinese Medicine canopy and as such, a vulnerable tissue when excess cold wind enters the lungs through the mouth, nose, or skin.

These wind-cold changes prohibit the lung from governing the flow of Chi throughout the body, as in diffusing and down-bearing of Chi to all the body. Ongoing or persistent cough or shallow breathing can easily result in insufficiency of lung qi, resulting in spontaneous sweating, collection of dampness internally with a tendency to feel cold.


Acupuncture points to treat when assisting body to recover from wind invasion of the lungs:

LU-5: clears lung of excess wind pathogen

LU-1, LU-7, BL-13: restores the descending function of the lung

LU-6: Xi-cleft point for acute onset of a wind related pathogen into the lung

If the lung Qi can’t diffuse properly throughout the body, you may feel headache with many aches in the body, nasal discharge and snivel and cough with a white phlegm. Any of these signs and symptom of Qi [Chee] disharmonies of excess wind heat or cold reach into the lung through the nose , mouth or skin resulting in the need for acupuncture care.

A combined chiropractic and acupuncture course of care can help restore and stabilize vital health to the lungs and body.

Call Dr Robert C Slater DC: at 651-699-3366 or 952-217-9587 today.