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DOT Vision Examination

DOT Vision Examination

The Cost of our comprehensive DOT examinations, including urine analysis is $50.00

Examination of Vision: Vision and Safety


Driver must see well in all potential conditions to drive safely (including at night and while driving into the sun at daybreak)

The Basics of Vision Examination and testing: *pupils equal, reactive to light and accommodating, *ocular mobility, symmetric extraocular motions, *Nystagmus, *exophthalmos, *peripheral vision: at least 70 degree in each eye, *Snellen: at least 20/40 in each eye separately (corrective lenses are acceptable), *color: be able to distinguish between red, green and amber



  • corrective lenses still allow a full 2-year card
  • 1-year certification (or less) is advised for anyone with a condition that may cause progressive visual deterioration



If driver wishes for waiver, he must complete forms:

  • meet DOT standards but periodic monitoring required due to monocular vision
  • 1 year: certification
  • accompanied by (Federal Vision waiver/exemption (circle exception)



  • Monocular drivers do not qualify [federal vision exemption certificate may be provided if otherwise medically fit]
  • contacts where one corrects for near-sightedness and the other corrects for far sightedness
  • diagnosis of unstable proliferative retinopathy (there is also connection to diabetes)


Vision History and Driver Education

  • discuss regular eye examinations where warranted:
  • If they have contacts they must have a back-up pair and tolerate well
  • discuss the use of any prescription drugs than may have adverse aside-effects on day or night vision
  • Glaucoma: gradual optic nerve damage from high optic pressure
  • Retinopathy: common causes include diabetes and HTN
  • Cataracts: common early sign of increased glare of lights at night
  • macular degeneration
  • aphakia (absence of lens)


Vision and Prescriptions

Isotretonin for acne results in dry eyes and loss of night vision

Antihistamines : rarely may cause glaucoma

Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil, quineprox, chloroquine (Arlen) for malaria and R.A are toxic to the retina (does related)

Corticosteroids : can increase eye pressure and lead to glaucoma

Viagra or Clialis : may lead to sudden loss of vision

Ethambutol/Mtambutol for TB: may cause optic nerve problems

Flomax : for enlarge prostate: can prevent iris from dilating

Tamoxifen : for breast cancer: may bring on retinal and corneal changes

Link to monocular vision paperwork:

Please contact us if you would like to arrange a Home or Office visit for your DOT Examination. We perform DOT physicals for drivers living in or passing through St. Paul and Minneapolis, as well as all surrounding suburbs.

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