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Small Intestine Meridian Treatment of Tension Headaches

The Art and Science of Treating Small Intestine Acupuncture Points can reduce or put an end to sore throat, tension headache, back pain, dizziness, or earache. Interestingly enough, no point on the small intestine meridian is indicated for treatment of disorders of the digestive system.


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In Traditional Chinese Medicine [TCM], the coupled small intestine meridian and its corresponding organ has the responsibility to separate partially digested fluids from the stomach flowing into the small intestine into two groups:  1-Clear and 2-Turbid.

There is a triangular discrimination function of the small intestine meridian in TCM which also clears clear and turbid fluids, ‘right’ or clear emotions and thoughts from ‘wrong’ or cloudy unclear emotions and poor use of judgement which deciding a course of action.

Whiplash pain, headaches, neck pain, earache, dizziness, convulsions, tinnitus, sore throat as well as anxiety and mania are a few of the more common conditions treated with acupuncture needling of selective points on the small intestine meridian.

hand chart


Example of conditions helped by acupuncture needling of Small intestine point #3.

body chart


Professional management of small intestine meridian imbalances [point 1 to 19 shown here]:

Treatment of small intestine points #9, #10 and #11 are outstanding for treatment of posterior shoulder pain and or neck stiffness.

Needling of small intestine point #18 has influential healing effects on conditions such as: facial paralysis, swollen cheeks, eye twitching, toothache as well as sinus pain.

Acupuncture needling at small intestine point #19 has a direct capacity to clear earache or temporomandibular pain or soreness.

In summary, the small intestine meridian is known as a fire channel which is able:

1-to clear heat from the body in most conditions associated with fever.

2-alleviate pain along the course of the small intestine meridian, especially in reducing swelling and pain in the neck and throat.   

3-treating swelling and pain of the breasts and lateral costal margins.

If any of these signs and symptom of Qi [Chee] disharmonies of excess heat related conditions of the face, throat, ears, neck, lateral chest have you feeling achy, tired, sore and irritable Call: 651-699-3366 or 952-217-9587 today.

A combined chiropractic and acupuncture course of care can help restore and stabilize vital health to the body.