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Quality of Life Measurement

From The Desk Of: A Call To Higher Quality of Living
Dr Robert C Slater BA: Bachelor of Arts, MSc: Master of Anatomy, DC: Doctor of Chiropractic, CME: Federally Certified Medical Examiner, DACO: National Diplomate of Orthopedic and Chiropractic Nutritionists:
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When you are not feeling your usual high quality of life, this is one lowered life quality picture that may fit this weakened subjectively state: 1-strong cravings for sweets, 2-awakens a few hours after sleeping: hard to get back to sleep, 3-craves coffee or sweets in the afternoon, 4-sleepy in afternoon, 5- fatigue relieved after eating, 6- headache is meals are skipped or delayed and 7-irritable before meals and shaky is meals are delayed and/or missed. 

What is the objective measure of quality of life which can assess and correct all seven of the above indicators of high risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease at one time? This in-office test at Healing Hands Wellness [651-699-3366] is called the A1c test. 

Here we are talking about the quality of life of a red blood cell. It will only function for 90 to 120 days and then it will be recycled in the liver. Kupffer cells of the liver break down aged red blood cells such that their amino acid content and iron are returned to the bone marrow and reused for construction of new red blood cells. 

What is the spanner in the health gears [metabolism] of all organs that reduces the quality of their life and is associated with a measurable red blood cell quality also? It is called high blood sugar, which immediately damages the inner living of all blood vessels; large and small in all parts and organs of the body. Complications from ongoing high blood sugar are called type 2 Diabetes, retinal disease, kidney dysfunction, strokes, heart attacks. This list of high blood sugar morbidity is almost endless. 

Higher amount of blood sugar will correlate to higher levels of formed A1c and this process is irreversible. A vicious cycle of every increasing A1c levels will start to rise the longer the blood sugar levels are high. Knowing the A1c levels in your blood gives a long-term [3 months] picture of blood sugar patterns. This knowledge allows Dr Robert C Slater DC to objectively determine a tailor-made nutritional support option of supplemental and dietary lifestyle modifications to reduce these risks. 

According to the American Diabetes Association, if your A1c [optimal Range: 4.1 to 5.7%] is above 7% then you need to make dietary changes quick to stop the development and or progression of these dire health risks. How close is close? Epic-Norfolk studied 2,000 people, finding the sensitivity of the A1c tests is such that people with an A1c of 6% compared to those with a 5% A1c, had a 28% increase in the risk for cardiovascular death for women and 26% in men. 

Call Healing Hands Wellness [651-699-3366] today to arrange for your in office A1c test to measure how your quality of life is holding up. Know your quality of life, as in levels of A1c right away to prevent unknown or unsuspected shortening of your life span, quality and/or premature aging. 

The A1c test is useful in actual diabetics to follow-up on long term blood sugar levels, to determine if a patient is prediabetic by checking to see if their blood sugar levels are within range, as a screen for low or hypoglycemia [blood sugar] and to determine therapeutic choices and lifestyle directions for short term high blood sugar and or longer term diabetic management.