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See a chiropractor first for lower back pain

In the absence of frank trauma or personal injury to the lumbar spine, chiropractic treatment of lower back pain ALWAYS begins with the differential diagnosis.

The question to be asked and skillfully differentiated is: “What role does abnormal movement or lack of motion in the sacroiliac joint (s), if any, have upon the nervous system as it passes through the spinal cord of the lumbar vertebrae and exits through the interverterbal foramina (openings between vertebrae)?”

Chiropractic care of lower back pain is based on the fact that the sacrum is the primary foundation as well as motion generator for the base of the entire spine. The iliac bones which house the sacrum are meant to equalize of sacral motion and function.


Any physical stress may interfere with the function and position of the sacrum within its iliac saddle. Not until that sacroiliac lesion (injury) is removed can the human nervous system and normal function of the human body be restored to a functional unit.

Impingement (abnormal twisting or tension) of the sacroiliac ligaments is produced when the ilium and sacral articular surfaces are off center. Sensory and motor impulses of the lumbar nerve roots are blocked and pain symptoms set in. When spinal cord tension dynamics of the motion segments of the sacroiliac joints are disturbed then functional activity of nerves derived from this spinal segments [L1, L2, L3, L4, and L5] above the sacrum is impossible.

Removal of this abnormal ligament and tension pressure from the spinal cord by expert chiropractic manipulation of the sacroiliac and motion segments of the lower back restores spinal pressures to normal, and thereby repair process take their normal course.

See Your Chiropractor First