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09 May 2023

Chiropractic Successful for Neck Pain & Headache

Saint Paul neck discomfort & headaches treated by Dr. Slater. See how we can help you recover from chronic pain..

03 April 2023

Chiropractic Adjustments Shown to Be Effective during Treatment of Headache

In need of treatment for your headache pain? In this post you’ll access the findings of a study on popular approaches.

06 March 2023

Chiropractic Found to Be Safe and Helpful for Disc Herniation

Wanting help for your disc herniation pain? On this page you will find a study on common methods in Saint Paul.

06 February 2023

Chiropractic Treatment Is a Natural Alternative to Back Surgery

Natural Chiropractic Care is safe! see how Dr. Slater in Saint Paul can help you avoid back surgery.

02 January 2023

Chiropractic Therapy Extremely Effective for Back Issues After Car Crashes

Wanting treatment for your back discomfort after Auto Accident? On this page you will discover ideas on treatment options for back discomfort recovery from...