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Nutritional Services

Chiropractic primary care covers three areas that contribute to blockage of energy flow throughout the body via spinal nerves: (1) physical spinal segment misalignment, (2) diet related nutritional chemical imbalances and (3) unresolved and prolonged emotional stress.

Inexpensive in-office nutritional protocols utilized at Healing Hands Wellness Center catch early signs and symptoms of chemical changes of all the body’s organ systems. On your first or second visit you will complete a symptom survey and undergo muscle testing and reflex point evaluation to determine nutritional status of the following systems:

We do not hold out the idea of treating diseases, we treat people with nutritional imbalances who may be at risk of having a disease process associated with poor diet or lifestyle. Uncorrected symptoms of a nutritionally deficient diet will result in loss of enjoyment and diminished quality of your life.

Your state of acceptance for optimal health involves a personal decision on your part. It is after all you own responsibility. We will help you make better decisions today so your health can improve right away. For the patients we have the privilege to serve, our purpose: to improve quality of life, extend life expectancy and to save lives of as many people in our community as possible.

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