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Urinary Bladder Weakness

The Art and Science of Treating Urinary Bladder Acupuncture Points

If You Are Experiencing Urinary Bladder Meridian Qi [Energy] Deficiency/Disharmony, Wind Excess, or Heat Excess Problems Noted In This Article, Call Dr. Robert C. Slater DC, CAp at Healing Hands Wellness LLC Today on 952-217-9587 For Professional Urinary Bladder Acupuncture Assessment and Treatment

In Traditional Chinese Medicine [TCM], the coupled urinary bladder meridian and urinary bladder has clinical significance in treating urinary diseases due to the two facts.

1- that the point needled are called Back-Shu points [she chart included in this article]. The back-shu points are where Qi [Chinese term for vital energy] is infused directly into an organ and they are local points lying over the region of their associated at organ.

Therefore, in addition to directly treating urinary disease, the bladder channel has many points that are useful to eliminate interior or external wind or heat from the many organs in the body. An example of a climate related wind which invades the body is when there is abdominal distention associated with lack of regularity of viscera [stomach, spleen, liver] and bowels.

Common acupuncture points needles [used] along the Urinary Bladder [UB] meridian and the conditions they treat are noted below.

1-UB 11 and 13: help regulate wind pathogen in the lungs.

2-UB 14 and 15: expels wind pathogen from chest/heart.

3-UB 17, 18, 19 and 20: helps regulate stomach, spleen, liver and gallbladder functions

4-UB 23: helpful to regulate kidney conditions

5-UB 53 to 55: treats conditions of the intestines, bladder, uterus , genital and anus.

acupuncture chart

In particular, if signs of frequent urination, painful urination or blood in the urine are present, then this is indicative of a pathological change in the urinary bladder’s function of expelling urine. Combined chiropractic and acupuncture of care can help harmonize, restore and stabilize dysfunction in the vital energy of many organs associated with the urinary bladder meridian.

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