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Needling For Acute Lower Back Pain

The Art and Science of Treating Acute Lower Back Pain Combining Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Kinesiology Techniques

The following information concerning acute lower back pain covers a 20-minute chiropractic diagnosis and treatment protocol including acupuncture care. It applies to acute lower back pain resolution in a person with a combination of one or more of the following unwanted symptoms.

1-Energy deficiency leading to acute lower back pain.

2-Acute soreness in the right lower abdominal with headache.

3-Acute weakness of lower back pain and legs.

If one or more of these lower back symptoms is the type of acute pain and discomfort you want to be rid of, call 651-699-3366 or 952-217-9587 today for chiropractic, acupuncture and kinesiology help.

Acute low back pain evaluation procedure

Three factors related to acute lower back pain are evaluated with muscle testing of the pectoralis major clavicular muscle [PMC].

1- To check for body’s baseline pelvic strength.

2-To check the integrity of the ileo-cecal value [Yang energy status of lower pelvis].

3-To check for abnormal tension along the inguinal ligament [musculoskeletal balance of the pelvis].

If the test muscle weakens in any of these three tests, a combination of chiropractic and acupuncture care to correct the underling problems is appropriate and necessary until these acute issues are competently resolved within two weeks.

Spinal vertebrae and additional anatomical structures adjusted by a chiropractor in treatment of acute lower back pain.

1-Ankles [examination of arches and ankle mortise]

2-Knees [abnormal lateral and or rotational misalignment]

3-Pelvic joints: sacro-iliac joints [flexion deviations from normal]

4-Three lower lumbar vertebrae [extension deviations from normal]

5-Upper cervical vertebrae [rotation and compression effects]

Acupuncture points needled to resolve of acute lower back pain in support of chiropractic adjustments

1-Large intestine meridian acupuncture points #s: 1 [Shang Yang], 2 [Second Space], 3 [Third Space], 4 [Joining Valley] and 5 [Yang Stream]

Acupuncture needling to these large intestine meridian points clears pain, heat and swelling in the lumbar spine. Acupuncture treatment at large intestine meridian point #4 in particular restores and strengthens the body’s Qi [Chee] energy flow to the pelvis and lower back. 

2-Lung meridian acupuncture point # 7 [Broken Sequence] [right side only]

Insertion of acupuncture needle at this lung meridian point stimulates further increases the flow of vital energy to the lower back to help reduce pain in this region.

3-Triple Warmer meridian acupuncture point number #5 [Outer Pass]

Activation of yang energy occurs with needling this point and distributes it to the lumbar spine, as well as the entire body.

4-Stomach meridian acupuncture point # 36 [Leg Three Mile]

Needling this acupuncture site nourishes essential blood and qi energy to tonify nerve and muscles keeping the lower back strong. 

Common in clinical acupuncture practice is the combination of ST-36 and Spleen 6 [Three Mile Yin], since both of these points pretty much tonify every part of the body.

5-Kidney meridian acupuncture point # 7 [Returning Current]

Low back pain reduction benefits arising with needling this point enhance weight-bearing strength of the lower back and pelvis.

6-Urinary bladder meridian acupuncture point # 64 [Capital Bone]

Lower back is alleviated with balance restored to the muscles and ligaments of the lower back and pelvis.

7-Governing vessel acupuncture point #3 [Lumbar Yang Gate]

Regulation of vital qi energy to the pelvis is increase by needling this point, as well as the ability to flex and extend the lower back.

Professional management of acute lower back pain with combined chiropractic and acupuncture care will improve and restore quality of life.

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