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From the Desk of Robert C Slater BA, MSC, DC, CME* *"Recovering From Stress

In Han’s Selye’s General Adaptation Syndrome there are three stages of adaptation to stress: 

  1. alarm reaction
  2. compensation stage
  3. exhaustion.

Stress is a body's instinctive method of reacting to an immediate challenge. According to the stressful event, the body's way to respond to stress is by sympathetic nervous system activation resulting in the ‘fight or flight response’ [Alarm Reaction].

However, the body cannot remain in this excited state for long periods of time, so the parasympathetic system returns the body's physiological conditions to normal. Prolonged exposure to a given stress will propel the nervous system and the organs innervated by it into a compensated and or exhausted stage of adaptation.

The body’s inability to regain a normal balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, resulting the gradual onset compensation and exhaustion has a significant nutritional consideration. If there is an underlying inadequate supply of essential minerals (say calcium, magnesium or potassium) the muscles and nerves of the body will remain fatigued long after the initial alarm reaction. The condition of fibromyalgia would in all probability exemplify a symptom based condition connected to any uncompensated fatigue of muscles and nerves not promptly adapted to.

In both the compensated and exhausted stages of unmitigated stress, the normal physiology within a system of cells, say muscles and nerves varies further and further from optimal. An external stress may be introduced into the body associated with such a scenario, say via a foreign virus from a vaccination during youth. These virus are known to continue to live in the nervous system or the pancreas, into adult life eventually resulting in viral induced damaged to nerves [manifesting as neuritis] or beta cells of the pancreas [contributing to pancreatitis or T2 Diabetes].

Well into the compensated or early stages of exhaustion, a significant number of people will get to a primary care office of their local chiropractor for some nutritional support. At this time the signs and symptoms of headache, nervousness, sinusitis, sleep loss, fatigue, anxiety, neck pain, depression and indigestion are impeding the quality of life to such an extent that a visit to the doctor is necessary.

When you call Healing Hands Wellness Center, 635 Cleveland Ave S #1, pH 651-699-3366 for uncompensated effects of any of the above noted signs of prolonged stress, a thorough in-office nutritional assessment and evaluation of your history and symptoms will rectify the ability of the nervous system to react appropriately that can add immediate benefits to your health.