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Lung Meridian and Treatment of Asthma

The Art and Science of Treating Lung Acupuncture Points for Asthma, Pain, Inflammation and Congestion in the Lungs. If You Are Experiencing These or Other Lungs Weaknesses, Call Dr. Robert C. Slater DC, CAp at Healing Hands Wellness LLC today at 952-217-9587 For Professional Acupuncture Assessment and Treatment

The lung meridian in the human body is a ‘lung Qi energy highway’. Lung Qi, also known as Wei Qi defends the exterior surface of the body protecting it against outside pathogens, including excess wind, heat or dampness. Any of these adverse health signs may be associated with asthma, as well as congestion of the digestive system.

The term “Lung” in Chinese medicine includes both the lung meridian and the lung organ. The lung type person is trustworthy and dependable.

Lung functions noted in Chinese Traditional Medicine are noted in the chart below: 1-controlling the immune system and shielding the exterior of the body, 2- regulates water movements to prevent retention, 3- opens into the nose for better breathing, 4-controls the opening of pores in the skin contributing to healthy skin, 5-in charge of respiration, 6-controlling the flow of Qi in all meridians and 7-finally, it controls the mind and body connection.

lung function chart


Applying acupuncture treatment to point Lu-11 opens the lung airways and clears them of heat, swelling and inflammation associated with weakness of lung Qi and resulting lack of protection.

Needling acupuncture point Lu-10 alleviates pain in the lungs that may also be accompanied by cough without sweating, cough with blood or cough may be accompanied by hiccups.

acupuncture sites on arm


If you are having difficulty breathing, a sensation of fullness of the chest, or a persistent cough, acupuncture treatment of specific point or set of points on the lung meridian helps relax the lungs, expand the airways as well as reduce inflammation.

Acupuncture treatments for the lung meridian are from 20-30 minutes sessions at a frequency of three times a week for eight weeks.

Seeking professional management of lung weakness, congestion and coughing health problems with combined chiropractic and acupuncture care will restore strength and normal function to your breathing adding greater quality of life to your home and family activities.

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