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DOT Hearing Examination

DOT Hearing Examination

Comprehensive DOT Total Cost: $50.00

Operators of commercial vehicles are constantly required to communicate with general public, to understand English traffic signs and signal, respond to official inquiries as well as to make entries on reports and records.

In order for commercial drivers to operate with safety for themselves as well as that of the general public they need to be able to hear very well. Drivers must be able to react to any potential safety hazard, arising within their own vehicle, sounds external to their vehicle, as well in regard to inter-driver correspondence, before it is too late to avoid.

Responding in a timely fashion to the external sounds of car horns, train signals and ambulance or safety vehicle can be essential to counter an otherwise perilous and risky traffic occurrence.

Acute attention to engine alarms or usual sounds of the engine or vehicle carriage may be the first indication that immediate maintenance of the vehicle is required for the security and safety.

Auditory interaction concerning essential internal truck communication duties, such as hour by hour speaking with dispatch, police officers and loading-dock workers is also an indispendable aspect of safe vehicle operation.

Hearing History and Examination:

During the hearing portion of the DOT physical the examiner will inquire of the driver about: Ear disorders, loss of hearing, tinnitus [ringing in ears], loss of balance or vertigo, or hearing loss which can be due to: blockage, trauma, vascular disease, Meniere’s disease, infection or ototoxic drugs.

Hearing examination also includes an otoscope observation of the tympanic membrane for scarring, occlusion of the external ear canal or a perforated eardrum.

DOT standard for hearing certification:

The driver must first perceive a forced whispered voice at a minimum of 5 feet, with or without a hearing aid. A hearing aid does not limit the time of maximal certification of 2 years. As an example: a driver who can hear a forced whisper at 8 feet out of his right ear with no aid, but is deaf in his left ear is capable of certification.

Hearing Referrals: if a driver failures the Whisper test: Audiometric evaluation of hearing is required if the Whisper test is failed. The audiometric measurement criteria of normal hearing or lack of it is the average loss across 3 frequencies: 500Hz, 1,000Hz, and 2,000Hz

In cases of vertigo [dizziness] a neurologists or Ear, Nose and Throat specialists evaluation will include neurological, metabolic, and auditory assessment. Drivers with a condition of benign positional vertigo can be certified once, after seen by a neurologists, the driver is symptoms for 2 months. He can then be given a 2 year certification.

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