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Blood Sugar Levels

A Call Too Better Nutritional Lifestyle and State of Health:
Dr Robert C Slater BA: Bachelor of Arts, MSc: Master of Anatomy, DC: Doctor of Chiropractic, CME: Federally Certified Medical Examiner, DACO: National Diplomate of Orthopedic: Chiropractic Nutritionists
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As a chiropractic nutritionist I play a significant role in helping you prevent loss of health and quality of life related to either too low or too high blood sugar levels. With attention well paid to early changes in blood sugar levels as clues and warning signs, many otherwise permanent degenerative conditions can be in time be naturally reversed.

Suspect low blood sugar if you have: 1-strong craving for sweets, 2-awakes a few hours after sleeping, hard to get back to sleep, 3-crave coffee or sweets in afternoon, 4-sleepy in afternoon, 5-fatigue relieved by eating, 6-headache if meals are skipped, 7-irritable before meals, 8- shaky if meals are skipped.

Take to heart, conditions associated with high blood sugar inflammation of pancreas, overactive thyroid gland, adrenal dysfunction, injury to heart muscles, brain damage, liver congestion and or disease and devastating kidney morbidity.

What are the early warning signs of blood sugar imbalance determined by in-office testing/survey and laboratory blood test?

1-High blood pressure [greater than 140/90]

2-Low blood sugar: Decreased fasting blood sugar [<80], along with decreased LDH [<140] is a common finding in reactive hypoglycemia.

3-Increased blood sugar [High blood serum sugar levels [>100 or 5.5mmol/L] levels associated with increased blood fats: high total cholesterol [>220], LDL [>120] and triglycerides [>110], or low HDL [<55].

4-Lifestyle flawed by overconsumption of refined foods, sugars and tans-fats

The combination of high triglycerides, high cholesterol and decreased HDL cholesterol, increased serum insulin and high blood pressure is known as Metabolic Syndrome. Dr. Gerald Reaven coined this term for a cluster of imbalanced blood chemistry associated with a high cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and dementia. Non-drug treatment can be tailor defined for you to confidently change these imbalances. 

The primary factor in Metabolic Syndrome is elevated insulin levels and insulin resistance. All other factors are secondary. Insulin resistance equates to the pancreas released insulin no longer being able to unlock cell membranes that allows the glucose to move into the cells. This syndrome is linked to adverse development of premature aging and development of chronic degenerative disease.

As insulin resistance sets the stage for further rises in blood triglycerides, cholesterol and glucose, HDL levels drop with associated weight gain and increase in blood pressure.
If you are between 30 to 50 years of age, critical blood testing at this time can help you identify evidence of the silent development of blood sugar imbalance, as well as help to prevent development of heart disease and diabetes. Blood testing analysis makes it possible to accurately identify probable underlying causes of health challenges you may be in a stalemate with.

Call now: 651-699-3366 to get your blood test ordered and subsequently to learn protect yourself from blood sugar levels irregularity, common but silent threats associated with unwanted reduction health and loss of enjoyment of life.