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Spinal Pain Where Does It Come From

Persons involved in motor vehicle accidents or slips/falls at work or
personal injury that feature minimal damage to the spine, otherwise noted
as a ‘sprain/strain’ syndrome have in all cases suffered injuries will not
resolve on their own and need chiropractic treatment and modalities to
start within in a few days. You do not need to 'break a leg' or sustain a
bone fracture to have a 'real' injury.

Contrary to some insurance company’s probable advise may be, diagnosing and
treating cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine injuries of such car accident
injured persons is necessary even though the injuries are ‘soft tissue’.
These injuries will in all medical probability warrant diagnostic or
medical treatment of the most professional kind.

Soft tissue injuries create a cluster of pain symptoms: noted as a
'syndrome' and these abnormal responses have definite structural reasons
behind them. Any one or all of the following structures when injured are
pain generators: zygopophyseal spinal facet joints, damage to the anterior
longitudinal ligament, spinal nerve roots as well as spinal muscles and
particularly the intervertebral disc.

All are REAL injuries as are ‘broken bones’. In the absence of a fracture,
an auto or personally injured person is not just making a fake claim for
soft tissue injury and pretending to be in pain solely on what is made up
in their mind.

Manual spinal adjustments modalities and therapeutic procedures a
chiropractor will utilize are standard methods used by thousands of doctors
of chiropractic throughout the USA and world. These spinal adjustments and
modalities have been precisely used for decades in soft tissues injuries
sustained in whiplash injuries allowing recovery from otherwise long term
effects of permanent injury. My treatment plans at Healing Hands Wellness Center, St Paul Minnesota are conservative, lasting for
about 3-4 months to get the patient at MMI and then discharging them.

My extensive chiropractic course of instruction included anatomy,
physiology, neurology, pathology, orthopedics, chiropractic diagnostic
evaluation. I received extensive post-graduate training anatomy (MSC) in
biomechanics, orthopedics and nutrition. I studied rehabilitation and other
methods of DC care aimed at conservative management of musculoskeletal
impairments. I received instruction in ethical management of chiropractic
practice. I have faithfully practiced chiropractic for the past 34 years
and never been disciplined and in good standing with the local state and
national boards.