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From The Desk of Dr Robert C Slater BA, MSc, CME, D.C.

Healing Hands Wellness Center 631 Cleveland Ave S #1, St Paul MN.

LET The pH Be With You [and not against you]

Consider in your imagination that the first LIFE created was, is an always will be the hydrogen ion. Perhaps it is the essential precursor to all other atomic derivations, as well as multi-molecular systems we call living creatures.

Yes, simple and true, hydrogen controls all activity of every organ and tissue’s metabolic activity. With respect to hydrogen ion concentration, too much or too little of a good thing turns out to be a bad thing.

If this be true, then also behold a balanced pH within your own body as a musical springboard by which that living masterpiece [you] maintains optimal communication throughout the many organs and tissues.

So why not pay simply and earnestly attention to the levels of pH or hydrogen ion concentrations of the body fluids and tissues?

The body is generated over many lifetimes with all its hydrogen based communication capability designed to be fully active if and only if inter and intra cellular fluids are kept at a pH level of 7.4. The body has an alkaline mineral reserve to do this.

pH stands for potential hydrogen. This is the logarithm [each measure is 10* greater than the one before] for an aqueous water based solution’s ability to attract hydrogen ions. The pH scale measures the amount of hydrogen ion in a solution.

A solutions with a pH below seven is acidic in contrast to a solutions with a pH above seven is alkaline.

Acidic solutions with a pH of 5 is 10* more acid than one with a pH of 6.

Alkaline reserve minerals are kept ready for action within our bones, soft tissues and teeth. These minerals are drawn out of the bones like warriors on a battlefield to maintain the primal communication lines between hydrogen and all other molecules and tissue systems in the body.

Choosing healthy foods that keep the billions of hydrogen powered interatomic communication lines hopping with life is the bedrock reason for keep an optimal the body fluids in optimal. You know when you are having a bad hair day, the cowlick just will not settle down. Your body pH is way out of wack!

That’s when you know more due diligence is required to nourish the body with more alkaline forming foods and less acidic forming one. Alkaline generating foods provide six major commodore minerals that are used by hydrogen to keep the body in optimal pH range: calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, iron and manganese. The main battle 10 star warrior in this group is calcium. Most fruits and vegetables are alkaline forming.

Acid generating foods [increasing hydrogen ion levels of the blood] also supply the eight major commodore minerals: copper, bromine, fluorine, chloride, iodine, phosphorus, sulphur and silicon. In blood acidosis, calcium is continually drawn from the bone, teeth, and soft tissues inevitably leading to a calcium deficiency.

Dairy, fats, meats, and grains are all acidic generating. The most acid forming foods are refined carbohydrates [white sugar and flour] in artificial sweets, alcohol, coffee, and prescription drugs.

At my office, at Healing Hands Wellness Center, each patient is given a saliva pH test as part of their regular examination for any pain related musculoskeletal complaint. This results offers me simple and salient information about the immediate status of their connective tissue’s ability to respond sufficiently and promptly to chiropractic manipulation and applied modalities. It is also a great segue to a confident and productive assessment of any patient’s pH friendly lifestyle transformation.