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Free 15 Minute Life-Changing Nutritional Consultation: Call 651-699-3366 to schedule!!

The chiropractic wellness model for providing professional nutritional care is the Patient Centered Model. This focus is on the whole patient, aimed at restoring optimal health of the whole body. In this life-generating approach, patients are assessed one system at a time for genetic cause of their condition or symptom.

Treatment of the complete person is essentially aimed at restoring the genetic expression of cellular function to optimize health and function. Safe and effective lifestyle changes combined with herbal, vitamin and mineral preparations can reverse that critical degenerative influence underlying so many diseases: it is called inflammation.

For a significant number of cases, the medical drug prescribing model focuses on suppressing inflammation through artificial chemical concoctions. These dangerous chemically invasive methods only suppresses the inflammation by beating the wrong horses. Totally lacking in this approach, which leaves the patient out of the picture, is any attempt to correct dietary influences linked with genetic expression of inflammation within each affected cells. The medical chemical tinker-toy mentality results in a wide ranging and unfortunate expression of unwanted side effects with the overall chance that the original problem will only get worse.

Conventional medical drug model for treating arthritis related inflammation relies solely on pharmacological agents that: (1) poison enzymes to block receptors in the body and (2) do not treat the underlying causes of inflammation. These harsh chemicals are all associated with adverse side effects [intestinal bleeding, gastric, kidney failure and death]. In medical practice drug therapy is for the most part about slowly down a patient’s approach to the doorway of death.

Patient centered health care for treating inflammation related to arthritis by reprogramming the genes which regulate inflammation. This goal is achievable through supervising a protocol of mixed essential fatty acids [9/6/3], designed to get more into the cell and control bacteria and or viral generated joint inflammation at cell membrane level. Walnut and apricot kernel essential fatty acids are a vegan formula for those of this preference.

Optimal essential fatty acids formulas [50% small fish/50% organic flax or Sesame seed oil provides what is needed not only to reduce cellular membrane inflammation but much more. They are a great example of real foods essential for all normal cell membranes in the body, strong musculoskeletal function, life giving hormone production from the brain to the gonads, a robust cardiovascular system as well as a sharpness of eyes and clarity of thinking and memory.

The patient centered model of health care is about getting a patient to make a C-change towards the doorway of living life to the fullest. Call 651-699-3366 today to get a free consultation on how to reverse the five stages of cellular degenerative change leading to progressive loss if vitally, ongoing depreciation of the value of living and premature morbidity.