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Post Injury Chiropractic Treatments of Spinal Injuries

A initial or recovery stage of the primary mission of Healing Hands Wellness Center is to restore functional spinal health, motion and stability
after motor vehicle or work related injury. The secondary or wellness stage
of this mission is to maintain long term strength, alignment and wellness
of spinal segments and correct posture.

The dual outcomes of these two stages of care provides hope to people
suffering with acute effects of immediate injury as well as contracted long
term chronic pain from a back or neck condition. We believe that a
well-informed patient is vital to restoring hope and finding answers to

*What Causes Spinal Pain after injury?

*Injury to the cervical, thoracic or lumbar vertebrae and adjacent soft
tissues causes pain. Injury is produced when there is a sudden and
unexpected loss of control of the body. This results in sudden jerking from
front to back or side to side of the vertebral column.

*Most commonly people in a vehicle that is suddenly and forcibly struck fromthe rear may sustain "whiplash" injuries. It also happens when workers slip and fall on the job, or experience some other type of injury. If not treated with due diligence, long term disability often occurs.

*Any of these injury related abnormal motions hyperextend or hyperflex the
spinal beyond its normal range of motion, damaging muscle, ligaments, and
connective tissue - and sometimes other structures as well. 

*In most cases, soft tissues, mainly muscles and ligaments, cause pain
because they have been stretched beyond normal limits.

*On occasion, violent and sudden injury with associated loss of muscle
control leaves the spine vulnerable to shear and compression forces

*Squeeze the discs of the spine so hard that they herniate and press on a

*Spinal vertebrae are also knocked painfully out of alignment.

Treatment Options for Whiplash

The likelihood of full recovery is substantially increased by obtaining a
comprehensive evaluation from a primary care physician following the
accident and adhering to an multi-phase chiropractic adjustment, therapy
and exercise program designed by your physician to regain alignment,
mobility, strength and flexibility of the spine and any other joint
involved in such an injury.

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