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You do not need to suffer from neck pain and back pain. Make an appointment right now to see for yourself how Dr Robert C Slater DC, DACO can help you into a more healthy life.

Not infrequently, the only primary health practitioner who can get your spinal health headed in the right direction is a doctor of chiropractic. Example of a patient in need of chiropractic, and there are many, is a female aged 20 years presenting with acute back pain secondary to an untreated scoliosis for the past 12 years.

An initial classification for scoliosis is according to age of onset and area of the spine affected the most. Infantile scoliosis: spinal curvature that develops during the first 3 years of life. Age of onset may be infantile, adolescent or adult. The primary lateral apex, or point of greatest deviation of her scoliosis is at thoracic segment T4 and extends up to the cervical spine. If the primary lateral curve is in the lumbar spine with an apex at L3 or L4 then this is a lumbar scoliosis.

A patient with either a cervical, thoracic or lumbar scoliosis may wake up several times each night with back pain and/or headaches. They usually are unable to turn their head, body and spine without experiencing weakness, restriction and a dull achy pain. Work and sporting activity generally put this patient at the risk of a sudden onset of painful and stiff spinal joints. Mobility limitations in all aspects of daily living increase the risk of spine injury and back pain.

A formula called RUTA captures the essence of what to do when you have back pain related to scoliosis [RUTA = Recognize, Understand, and Take Action. Taking care of your back in these circumstances will be a 100% commitment and involvement with conservative chiropractic. That means accepting the recognition that a chiropractor trained in orthopedics can fix your back pain as well as open a wide door in your life to stop becoming a victim of chronic back pain.

The major objectives in selecting a chiropractic therapeutic regime hinge on curve progression and the implementing and effective treatments to counteract and if possible reverse the effect of spinal pain and loss of spinal mobility.

A chiropractor makes three major conservative therapeutic decisions: (1) frequency of spinal adjustments (2) application of physical therapy and (3) corrective exercises. The use of chiropractic adjustments, electrical stimulation and tailor-made spinal exercises are effective in halting symptoms of back pain and muscle spasms. Exercise does have the benefit of improving flexibility, muscle tone, and psychological awareness. Chiropractic adjustments frequently decrease associated musculoskeletal symptoms.

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