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Neck and Back Pain St Paul MN

Here at Healing Hands Wellness Center, we are experts in conservative long term health care. We earnestly provide primary LIFE time chiropractic health care for each of our patients. We are not a short-term patch me up and forget about me symptom based provider facility.

When a person comes to me, Dr Robert C Slater DC, as a patient with neck and back pain, and associated pain and stiffness, it is like they are in a fast and furious sprint to reduce symptoms of neck and/or lower back pain. They wish to reduce the physical discomfort with a minimal effort, time and a pre-conceived bias that short-term care is the least expensive way to manage their symptomatic spinal condition. This is fair enough, but not really the way to go.

But with all due respect this is just not the way to take care of your spine and the previous nervous system housed within it. This band aide way of addressing neck and back pain, expecting the most benefit for the least effort makes for a quick return of the same symptoms in a relatively short time. And when they do return the neck and or back pain is usually more intense than the first time. So on and so forth with each recurrence presents as a further degeneration of the previous stage.

The bad news but inevitable return presentation of the same symptoms is ALWAYS at a faster rate of occurrence and greater intensity that just keep coming back to the patient. In other words you are emotionally and mentally stuck in the old medical model of ‘patch me up and forget about me’, until the next time.

When we provide primary chiropractic health care to you at Healing Hands Wellness Center, of course we are totally dedicated to the correct diagnosis of your problem and to giving immediate attention for symptomatic relief. But, in the long run, we completely focused on the core consideration of the cause of mechanical spinal dysfunction and seek a long term program to keep you in great alignment and great health.

At Healing Hands Wellness Center, you will become a marathoner for good health and forget the sprinter attitude of “patch up my symptoms’ associated with ever more frequent and ever worsening flare ups of neck and back pains. What is the big deal in the difference between the symptomatic sprinter, who lurches to the doctor between every acute recurrence of his spinal pain and the spinal wellness marathoner?

Here is the difference, in the patch me up, sprinter model your spinal alignment and vitality of spinal nerves progressively decreases, despite the periodic method you enact to try and keep symptoms at bay. This is called the road to uncontrolled spinal degeneration.

With the wellness marathon model of spinal, which means regular long term care of spinal nerve and vertebral alignment, the rate of change or what is known as age related change, is minimized. The benefit is a consistently healthy and strong spine with great nerve vitality, as well as a productive and happy life to go with it.

I have seen both end of the spectrum of patient types, and every type in between over my 24 years of practice. My earnest goal and mission in my community, among patients, friends and acquaintances is to treat and teach you the marathon approach to a long and healthy life.

Chiropractic for Life,

Dr Robert C Slater BA, MSc, CME, D.C