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Heart Meridian and Treatment of Chest Pain

The Art and Science of Treating Heart Meridian Acupuncture Points Can Clear Chest Pain, Shortness of Breath, Chest Palpitations as Well Dull Achy Pain That Spreads Along the Right or Left Lateral Chest.

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The coupled heart meridian and organ is known in Chinese medicine as the Emperor of Sovereign Fire. This designation is well deserved as the heart houses the Mind and Soul of each individual. The Qi of this meridian has sovereign governing influence over the blood, as well as controlling opening of the blood vessels.

Sweating is controlled by the heart meridian as sweat is considered in Chinese medicine as part of the blood. Vitality of the heart meridian is noted in the complexion of the skin and color, in good memory, in a state within which you are happy to be yourself, in distinct speech, and in normal tissue color and texture of the tip of the tongue.

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Heart Meridian Acupuncture Point 3 is known as the He-Sea and water point of the heart channel. Heart #3 is located on the medial crease of the elbow joint. It is a wonderful point to needle when your goal is to calm the mind.

It also helps with heart palpitations or a vague yet uncomfortable diffuse pain around the sides of the heart. Another essential effect of acupuncture care at this point is to relieve trembling and numbness of the hand.

heart meridian points

Heart Meridian Acupuncture Point 6 is known as the Xi-cleft point of the heart channel. This point is positioned 0.5 cun [ 1 Cun = 1.31 inches] proximal [above] to the pisiform process on the inside lateral aspect of the wrist. If you sweat a lot at night [night sweating] needling of this point will help to stop the night sweats.

Treatment of heart meridian point number 6 further assists in treatment of heart and lateral chest pain. The character of this pain may be felt as a stabbing sensation across or around the heart due to stasis of the blood in vessels of and around the heart.

Heart Meridian Acupuncture Point 9 is known as the Jing Well and Wood point of the heart channel. Heart point # 9 is found on the inside or medial surface of the tip of the little finger near the inferior corner of that fingernail.

Interestingly enough, needling of this heart acupuncture is said to relieve loss of consciousness associated with epilepsy. Associated with the same benefit, treatment of Heart #9 reduces swelling of the tongue, thrusting of the tongue and tongue stiffness. Last but not least treatment of Heart #6 relieves heat and dryness of the eyes, mouth and throat.

As a benefits summary Heart Meridian acupuncture treatment is as follows:

1-treating pain and congestion of the heart, disorders of the heart rhythm showing up as heart palpitations.

2- treating disorder of the tongue and speech, loss of the voice or stiffness/swelling of the tongue.

3-relieving eye, facial or throat congestion, pain and or swelling.

Professional management of heart meridian imbalances: also experienced as feeling cold for no reason, as chest pain, as shortness of breath, as chest palpitations all combined with a state of feeling run-down energy wise, will put you back in the Emperor driving seat. If any of these issues rings a bell or is true to your experience, a combined chiropractic and acupuncture course of care can help re-establish the emperor status of your heart meridian. 

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