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Benefits of Primary Care Chiropractic Treatment

From the Desk of Dr Robert C Slater BA, MSc, DC, CME, DACO:

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Conservative spinal adjustments are a practical and safe method to speed recovery from motor vehicle, work accident or personal injury. Chiropractic care combined with well-tested therapies such as ultra-sound to reduce swelling and electrical muscle stimulation to reduce pain significantly shorten recovery time from injury by reducing inflammation, swelling, edema and pain. If you are recently injured in any of the above noted ways, take immediate action and call 651-699-3366!

The elements for treatment of acute injury are as follows: Spinal Adjustment/Correction, Appropriate Therapy, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

Spinal adjustment: [usually within 2-3 days after acute symptoms subside] insures correction of nerve interference, due or caused by joint incongruity or misalignment, between brain and spine as well as between the spine and the body.

Rest: allows the body to heal without further injury.

Ice: keeping metabolism to a minimum, restriction of the blood flow, diminishing fluid leakage into the injured area and hastening the repair process. Icing also for quick reduction pain and therefore shortened recovery time. The most practical external active principle of inflammation reduction post-injury [20 minutes on and 40 minutes off], for 72 hours after the date of the injury.

Compression: accomplished by application of an ACE bandage, applies from the bottom up, or beginning by starting on area furthest from the heart.

Elevation: increase in time keeping the area of injured tissue supported and elevated above the heart but not too high as to cause discomfort.

Dr Slater’s Two-fold Overall Goal In Application of Chiropractic Care:

(1) Minimize downtime and economic loss due to injury and (2) take a proactive and aggressive stance toward recovery for more than 35 years.

(2) Applying highest levels of expertise in the safe and effective application of conservative chiropractic care for more than 35 years.

Specific Immediate Goal of Chiropractic Care:

Safe aide in quickest possible recovery from acute lower back pain, upper back pain or any joint pain.

Consistent approach to treatment of acute or chronic disc herniation associated with spinal joint injury resulting in position distortion of vertebral segments [subluxation].

Effective minimizing of acute or chronic intra-vertebral swelling after sprain/strain of the lower back or upper back or other extremity joints.

Surprising preventative reduction of infection and inflammation of the body’s organs through spinal adjustments.

Safe recovery from acute spinal nerve root stenosis, compression and inflammation post trauma or as preventative benefit of regular spinal adjustments.

Chiropractic care is well-tolerated, inexpensive, gentle and safe insuring decreased time in reduction of post-trauma pain, swelling, recovery time, period of disability, time to return in activity of daily life, work or recreation. As the therapeutic window of treatment benefit increased, treatment frequency is decreased.

Do not passively agree to tolerate illness and sickness related to spinal distortion or misalignment causing nerve root dysfunction. Call Dr Slater DC at 651-699-3366 so that such pain and disability will not come to dominate your mind and body!

Do call for a chiropractor’s expertise to not only recover from the acute painful effects of car accident, work related injury but also get stronger than you were before you were injured.

Get aggressive in acquiring chiropractic concerning your health care. After all if is your own responsibility to do so. Nobody can do it for you. Dr Robert C Slater DC DACO has more than 35 years of expertise ready to be applied at your request. It is but a phone call away!!

January 11, 2016
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Robert Slater