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Dr Robert C Slater DC DACO is now an orthopedic specialists in the field of chiropractic: National Board Certified in Orthopedics [10/2015]. Congratulations and job well done and the better knowledge to serve patients with.

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A chiropractor does not treat disease and pain directly from a medical perspective or through drugs. Chiropractors treat people with back pain, spinal nerve impingement, and mechanical stress. All of these lead to loss of health to the spinal nerves, as well as all organs supplied by those nerves.

And that is not all!

Back Pain St Paul MNEvery subluxated vertebra or misaligned spinal segment causing back pain will be associated with metabolic functional imbalances in the organs that nerve root supplies. A chiropractor restores primary spinal health and secondary nutritional imbalances before [and even if] a disease has you by the throat. Health is an interactive outcome that occurs when the body is functioning optimally psychologically, neurologically and nutritionally.

Excellent health and disease are really mutually exclusive. ‘Disease’ is an end-stage sequela of untreated progressive harmful emotional, chemical and physical stresses.  First of such stress factors are feeling back pain, tiredness, easily angered, digestive problems, headaches, or subject to ill-defined body pain. In the majority of cases, these signs and symptoms can be reversed by a chiropractor before full blown disease pathology and an associated pattern of symptoms can be diagnosed.

A chiropractor addresses the process of restoring spinal health, metabolic function and balanced biochemical processes, in spite of whatever degenerative symptoms are expressed at any given time. Your state of acceptance for optimal health involves a personal decision live as fully as possible. Its not like taking a pill and wishing things will be different. You must engage an individual commitment well defined and satisfying goals to return to normal spinal health.

Ongoing uncorrected symptoms of degenerative spinal states will result in loss of enjoyment and diminished quality of your life, as well as a reduction in the number so years you will live. Staying healthy is after all, your primary and most valuable responsibility.

A Chiropractor will help you make better decision today so your health can improve right away. Elimination of back pain generated by misalignment of spinal segments, as well as negative dietary and health risk factors that weaken the body’s system [ex: immune system like sugar, dairy and grain products] places you in the driver’s seat to make maximal health benefits right now.

As a patient at Healing Hands Wellness, the best of chiropractic and nutrition is our privilege to serve you with.

Call today to improve the quality of your life, extend your life expectancy and to save life. See why Dr Robert C Slater DC DACO is one of the best chiropractor in the USA.

November 10, 2015
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