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Chiropractor Treatment of Acute or Chronic Low Back Pain

If you are having back pain in Highland Park, St Paul what can you do today for your own benefit? Your body needs a unrestricted nerve supply to be healthy. Spinal adjustments provided by a highly skilled primary care chiropractor will keep the spinal alignment and mobility in good stead.

What is a basic protocol or course of action that is fundamental to recovering from back pain and returning to great spinal movement and alignment?

These following elements will only have value if you, who have back pain, put them as a top priority and call to action to do something about it today.

If you back pain is due to restricted movement of any given spinal segment, this cause of back pain has to be addressed. After a thorough physical examination a chiropractor will begin a series of spinal adjustments to fix back pain. Sound and reasonable chiropractic care makes for short and long term reduction of spinal misalignments and associated nerve, ligament and muscle pain. Chiropractic is excellent for treating spinal injury sustained during an auto accident.

If you taking anti-inflammatory drugs from the local pharmacy to treat back pain, you will continue to suffer until your back more or less breaks down and you require surgery. These drugs like (Vioox [taken off market due to an increase risk of cardiovascular related deaths!! or Aspirin) also have powerful side –effects which cause the hospitalization of more than 100,000 people a year in the USA alone. Roughly 16,000 people a year die from taking these seemingly harmless drugs to treat back pain related to arthritis.

You get the call to action here, big time! Call your chiropractor right away if you have back pain. Call him or her before you even think of going to a medical practitioner for pain suppressing drugs. Chiropractic treatment of back pain may be effective enough so you do not need to take these harmful drugs at all.

Head to head comparison of price, chiropractic care for lower back pain is much less expensive that pain modulating and harmful drugs. Taking harmful drugs is like turning off the fire alarm when the building is raging in flames. Addressing the underlying problem of spinal or pelvis pain means seeing a chiropractor to get the spinal adjustments, therefore stopping the back pain at a fundamental level.

When a patient comes in with acute low back pain, activator care plus passive therapy [ultrasound or electrical muscle stimulation is very helpful to gain as much pain and inflammation relief in the first 3 days of care as possible. In many cases a person with back pain can avoid altogether the use of dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. These drugs are associated with added expense, health risks such as cardiovascular compromise and even death [why Vioox was taken off the market].

This is vital spinal care information you may benefit from only by taking action. You can read about it over and over again until your blue in the face. If you call 651-699-3366 now for back pain relief and restoring your spinal health in a drug-free and natural hands on will save lots of money and wasted timed associated with taking drugs for the same reason.

So this is a common-sense call to action to you: Return to the Basics Of Chiropractic Adjustments for Lower Back pain!!!

From the Desk of Dr Robert C Slater BA, MSc, DC, CME, DACO:

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January 26, 2016
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Robert Slater